When you first purchase your membership to Funnel On Demand LLC at its original price, you are eligible for a full refund for the first 24 hours of your initial trial membership cost. After the initial 24 hours period has expired a refund will no longer be available, but you are always able to login to the member's area and cancel your membership payments on your account home page. To request a refund with Funnel On Demand LLC within the first 24 hours of your  purchased membership, just send an email support@newbiesonfire.com 

To prevent abuse of our refund policy, members that are refunded within the initial 24 hour membership period will no longer be able to purchase a membership with Funnel On Demand LLC in the future. All sales funnels, SMS system data and any other data will be deleted from our system. 

All SMS credits, Phone Broadcast minutes and Voice minutes purchased by members are non-refundable as they are bought from our interface supplier at the time of purchase and cannot be returned.